Do-It-Yourself Turkey Wreath

By Christel M Hoydic November 10, 2020
While searching around for Thanksgiving decorating ideas, I saw a picture of this wreath on Pinterest and knew I had to try it out for myself. I headed straight to the craft store and bought the materials:
  • Styrofoam wreath
  • Styrofoam balls (small, for eyes)
  • Styrofoam cone (proportional to wreath, for beak)
  • Tulle in yellow, orange, and red
  • Brown yarn
  • Yellow paint
  • Large googly eyes
  • Red felt (small scrap)
While creating this adorable turkey I discovered that I also needed:
  • 2 pins or toothpicks
  • Glue gun
Through trial and error and about an hour of work,  I was pretty proud of this little guy and glad that I took the time to create it. You definitely don't have to be crafty by any means to make your own. If you can tie you can do it!
  1. Paint the styrofoam cone yellow and set it aside to dry.
  2. Wrap the brown yarn continuously around the wreath, keeping it tight and close together, until about 1/4 of the wreath is wrapped.  I tied it off in the back to keep it tight and cut the extra off.
  3. Cut the tulle into one-foot strips. After all the tulle was cut, I then cut each strip vertically to create thinner strips.
  4. Start tying -  three red, three yellow, three orange, then repeat the pattern until the wreath is complete. Two tight knots into each piece of tulle works well. And keep pushing them close together so the feathers appear nice and full!
  5. Use the glue gun to glue the beak onto the wreath. This is also the step where I discovered that pins or toothpicks work best to stick the eyes in place.  Arrange them just above the beak.
  6. Lastly, cut the waddle out of the felt and, with a little hot glue, place it hanging from the beak.
Display your turkey in a place on honor during the Thanksgiving season!