Night Out with “The Girls”

Plan the ultimate Moms' Night Out experience- with a twist!

April 3, 2019

Put a new twist on the old-fashioned girls’ night out! Night Out with “The Girls” provides education and awareness in a fun, relaxed, informal setting where early breast cancer detection is tackled in a manner that exudes: Comfort. Connection. Conversation.


What makes these gatherings different (truly, the icing on the cake) is that a healthcare provider and a breast cancer survivor join in on the fun. They will answer all the nitty-gritty questions everyone has about early breast cancer detection, how the heck to do a breast self-exam, the experience of living with breast cancer and any other burning questions out there! In fact, the awkward questions (the ones that we all want to ask) are embraced, encouraged and celebrated.

Our hope is that participants will leave events more educated about the importance of being breast health aware and inspired to take their health into their own hands. Most importantly, we want them to take action if something does not seem quite right.


You decide when you want to learn all about early breast cancer detection (hint: don’t put it off) and register. You can fly solo, gather a few of your girls to learn about “the girls” or host a private event. If you do choose to bring a few of your most fave gals (friends, family, colleagues, neighbors), they will love you for encouraging them to attend a Night Out with “The Girls” event, as it will be clear just how much you care about them, their health, and their well-being!


  • Event Participants: You know your health is a perfect, much-needed excuse to get together with your friends!
  • Breast Cancer Survivors: You are looking for a way to give back and can do so by sharing your experience during our events.
  • Healthcare Providers: You have the desire to educate others about early breast cancer detection in an environment that is different from a medical office.

Visit to register for an event and/or to learn more.

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