31 Prompts for Creative Conversations with Kids

Conversation Starters to Nurture Imagination & Creativity

By Sarah Hauge, Publisher, Macaroni Kid, Englewood, Greenwood Village, Centennial February 12, 2023

I was reading through my copy of Entrepreneur magazine when a quote from James Altucher (author & podcast host) struck me. He says that "creativity is a muscle. If you don't exercise it, it atrophies." To combat this, he suggests writing a list of 10 new ideas every day.

Creativity is something that can be nurtured through practice. Kids are naturally imaginative, and as parents and caregivers, we can help them grow in their creativity with conversation starters that encourage making lists of ten ideas. 

Below you'll find a list of 31 conversation prompts. Pick a new topic each day for a month's worth of creative conversations.

Here's one way to use them:

  • Print this page.
  • Cut on the lines to separate each prompt.
  • Fold the pieces of paper and add them to a small container.
  • At the start of a family meal, have one person pull a mystery prompt from the container.
  • Start discussing and see if you can come up with at least 10 ideas for the given topic.

31 Prompts for Creative Conversations with Kids

If a potato chip factory were to add a sweet variety to their collection, what ten flavor profiles would you like to test taste?

Name ten foods that would be better if they were served on sticks.

You're serving soup to your family, but you've run out of bowls.
Name ten different ways to serve the soup.

If your refrigerator could stock food on demand, what ten foods would you request first?

Name ten ingredients to make the ultimate ice cream sundae.

What are ten names you could give a pet monkey?

You stumble upon an egg that's about to hatch. Inside is a magical creature.
What ten features do you hope this creature has?

Name ten animals whose lives would be better if they had wings.

Name ten things a dog would say to a human if it could talk.

Name ten animals you'd never allow in your home as a pet.

Design your own dream-worthy treehouse.
What ten features would be most exciting?

If your house was built underwater instead of on land,
name ten ways your daily routine would be different.

Your bedroom is getting an upgrade and you can add ten portals to any real-life destinations.
Where would your portals lead?

Other than wood, name ten materials that could be used for building a house.

Name ten jobs that would be hard to do in outer space.

Name ten movies that could use a sequel.

Name ten books that should be made into movies.

Name ten book characters who would be fun to meet in real life.

You're in charge of designing a brand new theme park.
Brainstorm ten roller coaster ideas that would be wildly exciting.

You're entering an ice-carving contest and need to submit ten possible ideas for your design.
What would you choose?

Name ten reasons why someone might be honored at an important event.

Name ten ways you can help make someone else smile.

Name ten ways to use a single piece of paper.

Name ten colors that aren't ROYGBIV.
(red, orange, yellow, green, blue, indigo, violet)

Name one word that rhymes with each of the numbers 1 to 10.

Your friends want to play football, but there aren't any balls around.
Name ten items you could use in place of the ball.

Money doesn't grow on trees, but what if something else could?
Name 10 inanimate objects you'd like to grow on trees.

You're packing for a beach vacation and can only take ten items.
What would you pack?

Name ten things that are difficult to send in the mail.

Name ten things that have made you laugh out loud.

Name ten sports that would be more entertaining if played on roller skates.