100 Fun Drawing Prompts for Kids

By Sarah Hauge, Publisher, Macaroni Kid, Englewood, Greenwood Village, Centennial March 28, 2024

My daughter loves to draw, but like many great artists, she struggles with getting started. Do you struggle with artist's block too? Here are 100 fun (and downright silly) drawing prompts to get the creativity flowing.

  1. Draw a word in the way it reads. Examples: blue, bold, slanted
  2. Draw a robotic rock band.
  3. Draw an alternate cover for your favorite book.
  4. Draw a rainbow. Instead of using different colors, differentiate the layers of the rainbow with unique patterns.
  5. Trace your hand and transform the shape so that it's no longer recognizable as a handprint.
  6. Place a small household item on your paper and draw around it to create a work of art.
  7. Replicate Vincent van Gogh's The Starry Night but swap out the round shapes with emojis.
  8. Draw your own version of the Queen/King of Hearts playing card.
  9. Draw a tree that is growing something unexpected.
  10. Draw a picture of something that can be made using only the letters in your name. Example: Benjamin could draw a ninja in a mine.
  11. Draw a game of basketball being played in space.
  12. Draw a treasure chest full of your favorite things.
  13. Draw a snowman building a sandcastle.
  14. Draw your own Pokémon character.
  15. Draw a classroom full of unconventional students (robots, animals, insects, etc).
  16. Draw a gumball machine filled with mini planets.
  17. Draw something other than a pot of gold at the end of a rainbow.
  18. Invent and draw a new emoji.
  19. Draw a garden scene only using circles, squares, and triangles
  20. Draw your name in 2D and create a mini maze within each letter.

  1. Draw a dancing vegetable on a tightrope.
  2. Draw a silly set of salt and pepper shakers.
  3. Draw a pizza with 3 unconventional toppings.
  4. Draw an ice cream sundae that has just spilled on the floor.
  5. Draw a team bobsledding in a banana.
  6. Draw a volcano that has erupted sprinkles.
  7. Draw a juggling gummy bear.
  8. Draw a 12-tiered birthday cake.
  9. Draw a cinnamon roll lifting weights.
  10. Draw a fruit-shaped car.
  11. Draw a bowl of alphabet soup with a secret message floating on top.
  12. Draw a shopping cart filled with cheeseburgers.
  13. Draw hotel guests swimming in a pool filled with nacho cheese.
  14. Draw a flying pizza delivery machine.
  15. Draw ants having a picnic. 
  16. Draw a dessert-style cheeseburger.
  17. Draw an open oven that has just finished baking your favorite treat.
  18. Draw a wedding cake being delivered by someone on a pogo stick.
  19. Draw a muffin doing the moonwalk.
  20. Draw an apple enjoying popcorn at the movie theatre.

  1. Draw a slow animal (snail, turtle, sloth, etc) doing something unusually fast.
  2. Draw a person walking a pet dinosaur.
  3. Draw a penguin at a birthday party.
  4. Draw a reverse zoo: Animals watching humans in their natural environment.
  5. Draw your own Whingdingdilly creature using at least 5 different animals.
  6. Draw a school of fish at summer camp.
  7. Draw a fly swimming in a coffee mug.
  8. Draw a dragon at the library.
  9. Draw a butterfly with bird wings.
  10. Draw a barnyard animal doing yoga.
  11. Draw an owl with x-ray vision.
  12. Draw a roller coaster filled with animal riders.
  13. Draw a unicorn walking through a car wash.
  14. Draw a monkey crossing the monkey bars.
  15. Draw a snake with a body that is twisting into the shape of your name.
  16. Draw a lion driving through a fast food line.
  17. Draw an elephant in a donut shop.
  18. Draw a duck wearing athletic shoes.
  19. Draw a raccoon riding a bicycle.
  20. Draw a flamingo hosting a taco party.

  1. Draw yourself looking into a mirror where the reflection shows a different version of you.
  2. Draw yourself into your favorite movie scene.
  3. Draw yourself in a snowglobe.
  4. Draw yourself with animal limbs.
  5. Draw a giant holding your family in its hands.
  6. Draw a miniature family using kitchen tools as playground equipment.
  7. Draw your family in a space that's smaller than a dime.
  8. Draw yourself floating through the sky and holding onto an umbrella.
  9. Draw a friend's reaction to winning the lottery.
  10. Draw yourself with three prized possessions on a deserted island.
  11. Draw a bowler using the wrong kind of ball.
  12. Draw a pole vaulting grandma.
  13. Draw your family playing "the floor is lava."
  14. Draw a barber giving an unexpected haircut. 
  15. Draw yourself and your best friend performing on the flying trapeze.
  16. Draw yourself and your favorite book character on a bicycle built for two.
  17. Draw a cowboy riding a triceratops.
  18. Draw a clown walking through a fun house.
  19. Draw a skiing baby.
  20. Draw a self-portrait. Draw the left side of your face with your left hand and the right side of your face with your right hand.

  1. Draw your bedroom as if it were fully submerged underwater.
  2. Draw a hotel run by insects.
  3. Draw a world full of lost socks.
  4. Draw your bedroom closet door opening to a different world.
  5. Draw a city made entirely of treehouses.
  6. Draw a crazy slide that starts at your bedroom window.
  7. Draw an amusement park ride made entirely of food.
  8. Draw your home only using curved lines.
  9. Draw a famous landmark for a martian colony.
  10. Draw a new state to add on to the continental US.
  11. Draw a tilted tower that is being held up by an extremely strong person.
  12. Draw an ice cream mountain ski resort.
  13. Draw a barn full of unicorns.
  14. Draw a hotel for fish.
  15. Draw a classroom 1000 years in the future.
  16. Draw a pirate-themed restaurant.
  17. Draw a shoe store for mice.
  18. Draw a magical fire station.
  19. Draw another level to the top of your home.
  20. Draw a dental office for sharks.