Its BINGO Time with Arapahoe Library's 2021 Summer Reading Program

June 1, 2021

Summer reading with Arapahoe Libraries has officially begun! Mark off BINGO squares as you complete the various challenges. When you accomplish a BINGO (five squares in a line in any direction) it’s time to celebrate a job well done.

How to Participate

  • There's no need to register as the program is set by you, at home, on the honor system.
  • Print your record at home or stop by your local Arapahoe Libraries location to get a printed copy.
  • Reading is a great reward! Participants (ages 0-18) are invited to visit one of the Arapahoe libraries to choose a free book this summer.

Visit Arapahoe Libraries online for ebook access, virtual events, and a bingo helper - ideas to complete any of the 24 tasks.