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How to Throw the Perfect Moms' Night Out at Uncorked Kitchen Wine Bar

May 4, 2022

Looking to plan the perfect kid-free Moms' Night Out? Uncorked Kitchen’s upstairs wine bar in Centennial is the ideal place to take your BMFs (best mom friends) for an uninterrupted evening of sacred girl time. Here are the elements of a moms’ night — done right.

Choose the right spot.

Take a well-deserved night off from your typical parental duties as you and your squad embark on a magical evening spent sipping succulent chardonnays and nibbling on locally sourced charcuterie boards at a top spot for happy hour in Centennial

As you enter the alternate kid-free dimension waiting for you inside Uncorked Kitchen’s wine bar, you’ll undoubtedly experience one of the best parts of being a mom: drinking wine with other moms!

Peruse the food and drink menus beforehand.

The wine bar truly has something delicious for everyone, with a variety of uniquely crafted cocktails on the beer and cocktail menu. And, of course, there’s an impressive array of fine wines on the wine menu that are hand-picked by expert sommeliers.

To top it all off, a food menu of seasonally rotating and locally-sourced small plates created by the in-house gourmet chefs is just waiting to invigorate your palate and leave you and your girl gang wholly refreshed. 

One perk of sizing up the menu beforehand is that you’ll have more bandwidth to catch up with your friends while you’re together.

Make more plans while you’re all together.

Life is always better with something fun on the calendar! Between sips and chatting with your girlfriends, look at upcoming cooking classes and events and plan your next night out.

A cooking class at Uncorked Kitchen is anything but a boring night over the stove at home. It’s a chef-guided culinary adventure that will unleash the gourmet in everyone. 

Or, perhaps you’re dreaming of getting a bigger group together for a reunion or party, in which case a private wine pairing might be your next ticket to a kid-free night out. 

Cooking classes aren’t just for grown-ups, either. Ask about Uncorked Kitchen’s kids' cooking camps for your little ones! They’ll love spending time in the kitchen this summer at one of seven themed camps while you sit back and enjoy your day, knowing your young chef is bringing home dinner for the entire family.

Wear something sassy, just for fun!

Who doesn’t love getting dressed up, leaving the house for the first time in weeks, and getting to dish with your girlfriends about the many relatable stories of being a mom (over a robust glass of Merlot, no less)? 

So whether it’s a happy hour or late-night drinks, gathering for a mom’s night out is a special occurrence and deserves proper planning and attention. Take this as a sign to activate that phone tree, and plan a night out with the women in your life who understand the importance of being a mom — and the importance of taking a well-earned break from it!

Uncorked Kitchen is here to help make your next kid-free night out genuinely memorable!

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