How to Cope with the Winter Blues

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January 11, 2023

The winter months can seem exciting for some — the first snowfall, a change in sporting activities, the preparation of traditional foods, a break from school, winter markets, and more. But for others, the winter months can bring moments involving a loss of energy, hypersomnia, changes in eating patterns, or low mood.

We offer these ideas to promote connection-building and holistic self-care:

  1. Connect with yourself. Explore gratitude or other journal entry prompts and take time to put your thoughts on paper. Listen to a guided meditation. Prepare a meal and discover new flavors.
  2. Log off. Think about a time you really laughed and enjoyed yourself without the presence of a screen and seek this time. Find that board game you forgot you had and invite a few loved ones to join you, paint freely on a canvas, or take time to notice the outdoor colors in your backyard or neighborhood while playing with your children or dog.
  3. Value the basics (because we are basically houseplants with more complicated emotions). Hydrate and challenge yourself to consume the daily recommended amount of water and find the sunlight. Encourage yourself to spend 15 minutes outside each day. Move your body in ways that feel good: walk on the treadmill, snowshoe, or YouTube an at-home exercise video. Buy the snow pants and go sledding (yes, we are even recommending this to the adults — especially the adults).
  4. Satisfy and soothe your senses. Taste a new flavor of hot chocolate, have your favorite candle and blanket ready following your time spent outside, take that much-needed bubble bath.
  5. Consider therapy. If you've given it your all and the winter blues continue to feel heavy or ways of coping seem far out of sight, try therapy. Give yourself that time and space to feel heard and to know another human is there to help you sort through what's challenging. Know that you are worth this time. 

Ideas to help our children if the winter feels extra chilly, long, or slow: search child-friendly journal prompts, introduce retro board games and time spent away from screens, build snow people outside, find a new sledding hill, allow them to assist in the kitchen when appropriate, try bubble baths, encourage playful exercise like GoNoodle or Cosmic Kids Yoga, promote time creating, and lastly, consider therapy.

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We provide therapy to individuals and couples, with group therapy options coming soon! Our therapists are passionate about supporting Veterans and their families (we are a Veteran-owned and operated clinic), children and teens, pregnant people, first responders and health care providers, teachers, those with chronic health concerns, the LGBTQ+ community, neurodiverse folx, and anyone who has experienced trauma, grief, or loss. 

We provide therapy that is creative, fun (yes, humor and even laughter can happen in therapy!), and centered around what works best for our clients. We use a proprietary tool called Ellie Match to ensure we find an incredible therapist fit for you. Our therapists provide a variety of therapies and integrate some of what we are most excited about in life — including exercise, dance, art, music, and geekery and other fandoms.

We are strongly committed to practicing culturally responsive and respectful therapies and are dedicated to being allies and advocates for those who have too often experienced otherwise. We provide therapy either in our cozy, beautiful clinic (there's coffee!) or through a video visit. Call (720) 706-1944 or visit us online to learn more about our therapists, services, payment options, and accepted insurance. 

We are welcoming new clients, ages six and older, with no waitlist. We would love to be supportive of you and your family. 

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