Talking Superheroes and Geekery with Your Child

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By June Ashley, Ph.D., Licensed Psychologist with Ellie Mental Health April 19, 2023

I think most (if not all) parents and caregivers can relate to the realization that your child enthusiastically embraces a fictional world. As a little one, they fashioned a cape so they could fly like Superwoman or brandished a paper towel roll as their light saber.

When they grew a little older, they understood the complexities of entire storylines in a way we humble grown-ups could never hope to keep up with. (Is the Marvel universe ringing a bell for anyone?)

For the gamers in the crowd, you may clearly remember a moment when you were playing on the Xbox with your kid and realized in the middle of a space battle that they surpassed your skills.

As a self-professed geek, I treasure these moments of play and connection with my child. And as a psychologist and therapist, I see the power of children’s and teens’ engagement with these worlds of fantasy as a tool for mental health and well-being.

Here are a few thoughts on how to engage with and support your child through superhero and geekery lenses:

For younger children (about 3 to 5 years old)...

Talk with them openly about their favorite worlds and characters. Wonder with him about why he chooses to be Anakin Skywalker in his play with friends. Why does she prefer Luigi to Mario?

Just like adults, children love to be approached with curiosity about their perspectives, and this is such an amazing way to connect with them.

With children in elementary school...

Find opportunities to talk with them on a deeper level about the worlds and characters they are enthusiastic about. Children at these ages are working to understand and manage their tough emotions and thoughts, as well as to empathize with others.

When watching a movie with them at home, pause for a minute to talk about a tough choice the hero is making: How is the hero feeling and why? How are others around her feeling? What choices does she make even when it’s a tough situation? What does Yoda teach us about taking a moment to breathe, thinking about the bigger picture, and then choosing to act according to our values?

When talking with middle schoolers...

Watch for moments to explore their perception of how superheroes or other characters navigate stress, grief, and feeling out of place.

Batman particularly teaches about finding meaning in loss. Obi-Wan Kenobi is an example of setting important boundaries with others even when it is painful to do. The Flash can resonate with children as an example of seeing time and movement differently from others.

High schoolers (and beyond)...

Older teens are navigating identity exploration. Who are they? Who will they become? What do they stand for? And they are doing this amidst a time of tremendous change and uncertainty in our world.

Give space for them to channel some of this exploration and precariousness through what I will collectively call geek culture. TV shows (Stranger Things), movie sagas (Harry Potter, Star Wars), comic books (Wonder Woman, X-Men), and games (Dungeons and Dragons, Zelda) can help a teen or young adult symbolically explore the nuances of identity, intersectionality, connection, and meaning.

Talk with your teen about what resonates with their viewing, reading, and playing. Sit back and enjoy watching them become their emerging self. 

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