5 Fun Ways to Celebrate National Pick Strawberries Day on May 20

By Kyrie Collins, Highlands Ranch-Parker-Castle Rock-Lone Tree Publisher May 14, 2024

May 20 just may be the juiciest holiday of them all... it's National Pick Strawberries Day!

Although the origin of this day is unknown, it likely came about as a way to celebrate strawberry season, which typically begins to peak in late spring.

If you need a reason to celebrate, consider this: strawberries are rich in vitamins B6, C, and K, as well as folate, potassium, and fiber, which means they may improve heart health, immune function, and digestion. They are sweet and juicy and only have about 50 calories per cup. Dessert, anyone?

Here are five fun ways to celebrate National Pick Strawberries Day — today or anytime you need a little extra sweetness in your life!

1.) Start with a giggle.

Q: What do you call a sad strawberry?
A: A blueberry.

2.) Go pick strawberries.

Given the name of the holiday, this one seems pretty obvious, but have you actually gone strawberry-picking? I remember a trail near my childhood home in Manitou Springs that would be covered with wild strawberries in early summer — if you got there first, that is!

Another option is to visit a local Pick-Your-Own Farm, such as Berry Patch Farms in Brighton or Garden Sweet in Fort Collins. Just be sure to call ahead to ensure a late freeze didn't damage the crops, and the strawberries are ripe for pickin'!

3.) Watch for the Full Strawberry Supermoon.

The Strawberry Moon will rise on Friday, June 21, 2024. Although it may appear pink or red at first, that's because of its position on the horizon. The Strawberry Moon, named after the Native American Algonquin tribe, got its name because of the strawberry harvesting season rather than the moon's color.

4.) Plan a trip.

Glenwood Springs' Annual Strawberry Days Festival will be June 21-23, 2024. This three-day event includes an Artisan's Fair, live music and entertainment on the FamilyFest Stage, an old-fashioned parade, and — best of all — free strawberries and ice cream!

The festival always takes place on the third Friday, Saturday, and Sunday of June. The first Strawberry Day was on June 18, 1898. Local farmers donated strawberries and cream, and local ladies baked cakes for nearly 2,000 attendees!

5.) Make a tasty treat.

One of the best ways to enjoy strawberries is simply to eat them straight out of the container. Rinse them in cold water, remove the stems, and enjoy!

They make a great summer side salad too. Toss sliced strawberries with fresh baby spinach, feta cheese, and balsamic vinaigrette. Add cooked chicken and serve with fresh bread to turn your side salad into a meal!

For a dressed-up dessert or summer grab-and-go snack, we have a few recipes for you to try: