Why Google Can't Replace a Travel Advisor for Vacation Planning

By Susan Troy, Elite Travel Concierge January 22, 2024

In today's digital age, travelers can google until they're blue in the face to plan their vacations. But that's just the problem. There's an overwhelming number of options and reviews to sift through. It gets really overwhelming, really fast!

That's where a Travel Advisor like Susan Troy of Elite Travel Concierge comes in!

From Susan directly, here are several reasons why working with a Travel Advisor is better than online sleuthing:

I'll listen to your interests, budget, and travel style to create a customized itinerary. I can recommend hidden gems, local experiences, and unique accommodation options you might miss online.

I've invested time and money to ensure extensive knowledge of these destinations and resorts. I'm constantly keeping up-to-date on my specialized destinations with the latest information so that I can provide my clients with the experience they expect and deserve.

You only need to deal with one point of contact for any questions or changes instead of contacting multiple providers online or a huge call center that doesn't care about your vacation.

I'll take the research and booking burden off your shoulders and handle all the logistics of flights, accommodation, tours, and activities.

And here's a couple of bonus perks:

  • Exclusive deals: I often have access to exclusive deals, room upgrades, and amenities that aren't available to the general public.
  • Problem-solving assistance: If anything goes wrong during your trip, I can advocate for you and help resolve the issue quickly and efficiently.
  • Peace of mind: Knowing you have a professional looking out for you can provide valuable peace of mind, especially for first-time travelers or those venturing to unfamiliar destinations.

Skip the online searching and reach out to me to help. I promise it will be a much more enjoyable experience!

About Susan Troy, Elite Travel Concierge

I'm a seasoned Travel Advisor!

Researching your dream vacation can take a LOT of time, but not when you work with me! 

Together, we'll make your dream vacation come true by finding the right destination and sticking to your budget. You work hard to save for your vacation, so planning your getaway should be fun!

I specialize in travel to:

🏰 Disney Theme Parks
🎢 Universal Theme Parks
🏝️ Tropical All-inclusive vacations to the Caribbean and Mexico for adults and families
🍍 Hawaiian vacations
🛳️ Cruises
✈️ Travel across the U.S. and Europe
🏔️ National Parks
🏡 Vacation rentals

When you book with Susan Troy, Elite Travel Concierge, you’re not only getting the very best personalized vacation service, but you’re supporting a small business where your dollars really count!

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