Introducing Buncha - A Unique Way to Tackle the Grocery Shopping Chore

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By Julie Dikken, Publisher of and April 29, 2024

We know life can get hectic – juggling work, family, and everything in between. That's why I'm excited to share the news of Buncha – your new best friend in grocery delivery. It's a serious game-changer for busy families and very different from the usual shopping options you may already use. 

The author received a Buncha gift certificate and compensation to facilitate the writing of this article. All thoughts and opinions expressed are her own.

Buncha connects neighbors with local stores, making grocery delivery not just convenient but also affordable. Using zip code-based schedules, Buncha efficiently aggregates orders from multiple stores into refrigerated trucks, creating streamlined delivery routes. It's kind of like Buncha's creators actually listened to a parent's needs! Here is my experience and why I am hooked on Buncha!

Next Level Grocery Delivery:

I'm a huge fan of grocery delivery. I am busy enough without having to run to the store to keep the fridge filled. Your weekly groceries will be delivered for only $3.45, saving you time and energy. Buncha is exceptionally efficient with its unique zip-code-based delivery schedules, allowing them to effectively split delivery costs among you and your neighbors. This innovative approach not only streamlines the delivery process but also ensures that everyone in the community benefits from lower fees.

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Super Hero One-Stop Shopping:

Imagine if you could be in more than one place at a time.

Browsing through Buncha's intuitive platform and ordering from Costco, King Soopers, and Sprouts, all at the same time from the comfort of my couch, and then having the entire order arrive in one delivery made me feel like I threw on a cape and learned how to fly!

Just the thought that I could seamlessly tackle my grocery needs from multiple stores without leaving my home was thrilling. No more frantic dashes through crowded aisles or tedious waits at checkout counters. With Buncha, I reclaimed precious time for myself, feeling like I'd unlocked a superpower of convenience. This wasn't just grocery shopping; it is a revolution in how I managed my time and energy. Buncha didn't just deliver groceries; it delivered a sense of freedom and empowerment, making every penny of its low delivery fee worth it.

Buncha is the ultimate one-stop-shop experience that will help you save the day! All for one low delivery fee of $3.45. 

Additional bonus: Not a member of Costco? No worries, a membership is not needed when using Buncha's services.

Environmentally Friendly Practices:

Buncha aligns well with my eco-conscious family values. They're not just about convenience; they embrace sustainability too! Buncha's hyper-condensed routes and refrigerated trucks cut carbon emissions by a whopping 80% compared to other services. It's like the modern version of the milkman, but better for the planet!

Quality & Experience, Delivered:

At Buncha, they aim to provide a quality experience from the first time you open the app to the time your delivery hits your doorstep. Buncha employs their shoppers and drivers and trains them to provide exceptional service. 

As soon as I placed my order, I was kept up-to-date on the status and invited to add the items I may have forgotten the first time around. (I always forget something!) My order was delivered by a colorfully designed refrigerated truck right to my front porch in insulated bags. Fresh delivery from the store to my door! 

My honest thoughts? Buncha is not just a delivery service; it's a lifestyle upgrade for busy families. Try it today and see the difference! 

Exclusive offer for Macaroni KID readers!

Create an account with Buncha and get $15 OFF your first order! Use code MACARONI.

Buncha is Growing! 

Buncha is new to the Denver area and expanding its delivery areas as quickly as possible. If your zip code isn't currently in their service area, don't feel left out! Use this Buncha waitlist link to stay in the loop about their expanding service areas. Soon enough you will see the Buncha delivery van driving through your neighborhood, too!